Never Change Another Lock!

Are you fed up changing locks every time a tenant moves out? Do you feel like a jailer when you visit properties never knowing quite what key to take? Well now those days are over. Say goodbye to hundreds of keys and goodbye to drilling out locks and say Hello to Smart Key from KwikSet.

Smart Key is a lock that can be re-keyed in seconds, removing the need to change locks. it’s as simple as 1,2,3, literally.

  1. Place the key in the lock and turn 90 degrees
  2. Insert the Smart Key tool and remove the key & tool.
  3. Insert the new key and turn it back 180 degrees. the lock is now re keyed to the new key.

It really is that simple!

Never feel like a jailer again. With Smart Key you can easily implement a “Master Key” system and rotate keys as tenants move out.

We supply a ‘Handover key’ with all new orders. this key allows you to pass properties to and receive properties from other Property Managers, hassle free. Simply re-key the property to the ‘Hand Over Key’. Each party will be able to enter the property without problems and then re-key it to their own master keys.

Smart Key technology opens up a whole new level of security. Need to give a key to a leasing agent you’re not sure of? Simply re-key the lock to a ‘viewing key’ and give it to the agent, once they’ve finished with it, simply change it back. The key you gave them will be useless if they try to go back without permission.

Even if all the keys are lost we can reset the lock using the KwikSet Smart Key reset tool and make it functionable again.

The full range of KwikSet Smart Key products are available, we only show the most popular on our site. If you’d like to know the price of other models please contact us.

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