Stateside APM Hazard & General Liability Insurance claim procedure.

These procedures are in addition to any procedures that our insurance carriers may impose. By accepting coverage on any of our Stateside APM master policies you agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. All claims must be placed through Stateside APM.
  2. All claims must be submitted within the time period specified in the policy documents for the progarm the property has been added to.
  3. All claims must be notified by email to
  4. Once notification has been received we will email our claim form to the claimant for completion.
  5. For Hazard claims, the following will be required before we will process a claim, other documents may be required after the claim has been submitted;
    1. Completed and signed claim form.
    2. Photographs of the property BEFORE the incident.
    3. Photographs of the property AFTER the incident.
    4. A quote for the cost to repair only the damage caused by the incident.
    5. A report from the police or fire department detailing the incident.
    6. If the property was vacant at the time of the incident, internal & external photographs showing how it was secured.
    7. Inspection log, if vacant at the time of the incident.
  6. For Liability claims, we will notify you of the documents required at the time of the claim as liability claims are all individual.

As the owner, you are responsible .

We try to encourage responsible ownership and we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that you must notify us of any change in the property status, such as change of occupancy.

You must also secure your property if it becomes vacant in a manner suitable for the area where it is situated. We typically recommend a HUD style board up and examples of this can be found in your APM Cloud account. Remember you can never have too much security, but you can have too little. Failure to secure your property sufficiently may affect future cover and claims.

You must also have regular inspections of your property to ensure it is maintained well, don’t forget to save the photos as they will be required in the event of a claim. We strongly recommend that you ask for photos whenever you have any work carried out, to keep as a records of the improvements you’ve made to the property. You can store any photos in your APM Cloud account.

Remember, all vacant properties must be inspected in accordance with the policy conditions of the program the property has been added to. Failure to inspect your property frequently enough and keep a log , may affect a future claim.

You must maintain your property, insurance is NOT a replacement for maintenance. An insurance company could and has, denied claims because it felt the damage could have been avoided if the owner had carried out simple maintenance.

Many municipalities require rental properties to be registered and have certificates proving they comply with city building standards and ordinances. It is your responsibility as the owner to ensure your property complies with the law. Failure to do so could have far reaching consequences, heavy fines or the inability to evict tenants or squatters are but two.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.