Building & Liability Insurance Programs

Protecting your investment from the unexpected has never been easier. The Stateside APM insurance programs are available to any client that subscribes to one of our services and covers both the structure and your liability against ‘all risks’. Regardless of what you own, or where you own it, we can protect it.

Buying or own an investment property?

Whichever state you purchase in, the Stateside APM Insurance Program has you covered, with different programs to suit all investors. Protect your investment and help keep it an investment, from as little as $1 per day or less! We protect both residential and commercial property. For maximum convenience you can chose to pay monthly or pay for a whole year up front.

  • Coverage is what’s called ‘Special Form’ or ‘All Risks’, which means if it’s not specifically excluded, it’s covered.
  • Fire.
  • Theft.
  • Vandalism, sometimes called malicious mischief (VMM).
  • Insure for the amount you want without the penalty of co-insurance, on most plans
Building & Liability Insurance Programs

General Liability

Liability coverage is included in all of our programs for all property both residential and commercial. As with our Building Insurance program premiums are payable monthly or annually, depending on your choice. Coverage is either $500,000 or $1,000,000 with no deductible. Costs vary depending on the program chosen and is typically charged on a per unit basis i.e. a single family home (SFH) would have 1 policy charge whereas a two family home would have 2 charges.

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Know what you’re getting

It’s important to us that you know what your getting, so please take some time to read the policies avaialble within our programs and understand the cover they provide. You can find the policy documents for all our programs below.

All properties will be added to the master policy chosen upon the receipt of payment of the premium. Once the property has been placed on risk you will receive an Evidence of Insurance (EOI) document for your records, All cover is subject to the policy terms and conditions.