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Tax Preparation Terms and Conditions


  1. I/We understand that Stateside APM is not acting as a CPA and is only collecting information to forward to an independent CPA, who will complete my income tax returns on my behalf. As such I hold harmless Stateside APM in respect to the accuracy, completeness or competency of my income tax returns, or the time taken to complete them.
  2. I/we understand that I/we will still be required to provide certain documents needed for completion of my annual income tax filing even though I may have completed the spreadsheet template provided by Stateside APM.
  3. I/we understand that the information I/we provide to Stateside APM will be used by an independent CPA to complete my/our annual income tax returns, and any discrepancies in my/our filing may be result of information I/we may not have included with my preparation documents.
  4. I/we understand and agree that Stateside APM is not responsible for any penalties, fees, or tax amounts due as, a result of my completed tax return being submitted late and as such agree to hold harmless Stateside APM.
  5. I/we understand that the information supplied to Stateside APM in my/our tax application forms will be used to complete my/our tax filing forms, and I/we understand that it is my/our responsibility to read and review both the application forms and completed returns prior to submission and finalization, and make any needed corrections before my/our returns are filed. Any subsequent errors, typos, and/or misspellings on the finalized forms are not the fault of Stateside APM or its agents and further agree to hold harmless Stateside APM for any errors or omissions.
  6. I/we understand that it is my/our responsibility to provide complete and accurate information and documentation for my/our tax forms. I/we hereby certify that all information and documents provided is true an accurate to the best of my/our knowledge.
  7. I/we understand that it is my/our responsibility to supply our tax account information to Stateside APM in a sufficient amount of time for the returns to be prepared before the appropriate deadline. If that deadline is missed because of my/our failure to provide the needed documents, Stateside APM is not liable or responsible for any penalties resulting from a late filing.
  8. I/we understand that our tax documents will not be prepared or filed until payment for services has been rendered in full.
  9. I/we authorize Stateside APM and its agents to file any additional documents and responses to the IRS associated with the tax preparation for the year paid for.
  10. I understand that wet signatures are required from both the CPA and taxpayer and that I will be charged for the shipping of the original documents for signature.
  11. I understand that it is my responsibility to submit my completed and signed returns to the tax authorities. If I request Stateside APM or it's agents to submit them on my behalf, I agree to hold harmless Stateside APM of any liability should they arrive past the due dates.
  12. I/we understand that my annual income tax filing will be completed and  and copies of my/our completed returns will be uploaded to my/our Stateside APM cloud folder. Should I/we wish to request additional hard copies of these completed documents be mailed to me/us I/we understand that I/we must pay for the shipping of these documents.
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