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About Us

Stateside APM is a Property Investor Support and Service Company. We offer a range of services and products that are designed specifically to make owning real estate in the USA as easy as owning it in your own back yard. Owning property in a foreign country can be very lucrative and produce great returns, but we understand it can also be confusing and time consuming and if you’re not familiar with the regulations and procedures. It can be quite overwhelming.

We act as the middle man handling all of the administration that comes with property ownership, from paying taxes and bills to acting as a Resident Agents and administering bank accounts. We’ll even do the little things, like collecting your mail and emailing it back to you. We don’t replace your property manager but remove their burdens, allowing them to concentrate fully on actually collecting your rent and maintaining your property.

We only work for you. We receive payment from you only and therefore we have no conflict of interest between you, our client and a supplier. This means if something doesn’t go right for you we can step in and sort out the problem without worrying about upsetting a supplier that pays us.

  • Tailored for you

    Our packages are designed with you in mind, so you don’t have to spend more than you need to.

  • Exclusive products and services

    We provide products and services you simply won’t find anywhere else.

  • Personal service with a smile

    Our close-knit team provide a friendly and personal service, so you can feel more comfortable.

  • Clients from over 20 different countries

    We deal with clients from over 40 different countries on a regular basis. We truly are worldwide.

Our Services


Stateside APM tax preparation service is a full CPA accounting service. Our CPA is able to prepare IRS tax returns, together with all US States and City returns, where required. Fees include both the entity returns as well as the personal returns for the members or shareholders.


Stateside APM clients benefit from extremely competitive rates for building and liability insurance. Whether you own one single family home or an apartment complex, protecting it from damage is vital, our policy covers all type of investment property and cover is available for most States. Contact us for full details of cover and premiums for your particular investment.


Most real estate investors in the USA own their properties within a Limited Liability Company (LLC). LLC are a cheap and efficient way to protect your liability. Stateside APM can establish LLC’s in most states and also prepare operating agreements as well as apply for and receive the tax ID number (EIN) from the IRS.


Federal law states that an entity must have a physical address & nominated person whom is able to receive service in order to conduct business. Foreign investors cannot fulfil this requirement themselves and therefore need an agent to carry out the legal requirements. Stateside APM go further than others and offer unique extended services to cater specifically for the foreign investor.


At Stateside APM we offer various levels of administrative service dependent on the needs of the client, ranging from giving the client a hands free’ investment in our all inclusive service to an a’la carte service whereby each client chooses which specific duties they would like us to perform.


Moving money from one country to another can be a confusing and costly experience. Stateside APM have teamed up with Global Reach Partners, one of the UK’s leading Foreign Exchange providers to bring you hassle free money transfers to and from the US.

Our Packages

All of our services are bundled into four separate packages. The services in each are incremental, meaning the packages contain all the features of the previous, plus the ones listed.
Contact For Info
Provision of insurance and protection products.
All other services provided and charged on an a la carte basis.
Act as the Resident Agent for the business.
Receive/hold mail for the business
Forward it to the owner once a year. Cost of delivery to be charged at cost.
Use of office for physical registered address.
Act as Manager of your LLC.
Manage a bank account for the client’s business.
Scanning of mail and emailing it to the owner and the property manager.
Annual filing of the State return (excluding state fees).
Payment of property taxes to the city or county.
Payment of utility bills.
Payment of other bills.
No setup fees for Stateside APM insurance products.
FREE administration that can be done by Stateside APM from its offices.

*Only available annually.

Still confused? Feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.