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This page requires your personal information. We need to know where you live and how to contact you.

If you are applying with other people, we only need their name and contact information.

You can add as many other people you wish, but do not add children.

concat( first name + last name)



This where you will tell us who owns the properties. You will probably own them in an LLC, provide the full legal name and the registered address in the US.

If you own them in your own name, just enter your name and check the box. We don’t need your address again.

If you own several properties and they are owned by different LLC’s, you can add the additional owners by clicking ‘Add owner’ or ‘Remove’ if you add one in error.


This page you will provide details of all the properties you want included in this application.

You must click the “Search for an address” button and start typing in the box that appears. Addresses will start to appear, just select the one that matches yours.

The owner you entered on page 2 will populate in the ‘Property Owner’ dropdown list.

You can add as many properties as you wish by clicking the ‘Add property’ button and searching for a new address.

You must click the “Search for an address” button and start typing in the box that appears. Addresses will start to appear, just select the one that matches yours.

If your property is for example on East 51st Street, it might appear as “E 51st St” or “East 51st St.” so if your property address doesn’t appear, try using a different spelling or look it up on Google and paste the address.

Note: This field will not show in the form. Enter the value to be hidden.


      Note: This field will not show in the form. Enter the value to be hidden.


      Tell us who manages your properties. Please provide the full name of the property manager, many companies have similar names and just putting ‘Metro’ could be confusing and cause delays.

      Again, if you have more than one property manager you can add more by clicking the ‘Add manager’ button.



      On this page you will decide what Hazard & Liability cover options you want.

      First decide whether you want to pay annually or every month. If you chose monthly you must have a US bank account and authorize us to collect payment by ACH from it or, provide a credit card that we can charge monthly. If you pay by credit card additional processing fees will apply.
      Then complete the options for each property, if you find you have missed a property, you can always go back and add it.

      The ‘Sum Ins’ field is the amount of cover you want on your property. It auto populates with the minimum amount you can choose, based on the square foot size. You can cover a property for up to $1,000,000 but read the policy documents first to make sure you do not over insure.


      Use this page to to sign up to our legal advice helpline or find out about other products or services that we offer. Just check a box and we’ll contact you.

      Get unlimited phone access to our attorney for just $10 per month.

      If you’re interested in finding out about any of our other services, just check the boxes below and we’ll contact you with more information.

      llc : LLC / entity formation bank : US bank account setup ra : Resident agent na : None

        taxes : Tax preparation itin : ITIN application fripta : FRIPTA calculation & submission na : None


          How do you want to pay us?

          Choose the payment option most convenient for you, you can always change it at a later date. We’ll send you an invoice before any services start, so you will know exactly how much you’ll be paying and when.

          We prefer ACH as it’s free and you don’t have to remember to make the payments. If you select this option, we’ll ask you for your US bank account details.

          Credit card payment is secure but can be expensive as the card processors charge us 3.75% which is added to your invoice.

          Wire transfer can be used for annual payments, but there are usually processing fees at both ends, which can work out expensive.

          If you haven’t already contacted us and made arrangements for your Title Company to forward payment to us upon completion of your new property, DON’T check HUD. It will only delay your application.

          Whichever method you select, we’ll send you an invoice by email for you to pay, we’ll then arrange for regular payments to be made. If you have any questions after you submit this application, please contact us.

          Please remember that if you’ve chosen to pay monthly you must authorize us to collect payment from either your US bank account or your Credit Card, we will send you the authorization later. If you do not authorize us to collect payments, we will send you an annual invoice. Please remember that no service or cover will commence until we receive payment.

          Just review your entries below. Read and agree to our terms and conditions, then sign and click submit

          All done. You will receive an email shortly with your completed application for your records.

          accepted : I accept the Stateside APM terms & conditions

            authorized : I have authorization to complete, sign and submit this application on behalf of